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We are Bon Treat

Have you found yourself longing for a bougie picnic experience but can't find the time, patience, or money to set it up?
Now you can have your experience without any packing, dragging, setting up, or cleaning up after!
Bon Treat is an event business specializing in picnic set-ups! We take care of setting up and tearing down the picnic for you. All you have to do is show up with your goodies and friends.
You get an hour (or more) of picnic bliss and adorable Instagramable décor and props without any of the stress due to over-planning your event!

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We currently offer picnics at 5 different parks in 3 locations

Spokane Valley

Mirabeau Point / Mirabeau Point Park

Post Falls

Q'emiln Park​


Coeur d'Alene

McEuen Park / CD'A City Park

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Picnic Hours

Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm - 8pm

Friday - Sunday: 10am – 8pm

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