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We are Bon Treat

Delightful news! A luxury picnic set-up experience is just a few steps away.

First: Talk to us. Tell us what you're looking for!

Second: Receive a quote based on your requests (please note we do not provide food at this point in time).


Third: Agree to the quote, sign your name on the dotted line and the quote becomes an agreement!

After that: Make a 50% non-refundable deposit.

Finally: Relax, anticipate, and show up with your goodies!


Fin: We show up at the end of your picnic to take down and pack away. No clean-up for you, no worries, and no sweat!

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We currently offer picnics at 5 different parks in 3 locations

Spokane Valley

Mirabeau Point / Mirabeau Point Park

Post Falls

Q'emiln Park​


Coeur d'Alene

McEuen Park / CD'A City Park

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Picnic Hours

Monday - Thursday: 5:30pm - 8pm

Friday - Sunday: 10am – 8pm

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